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What is 4-H Project Achievement?

Project Achievement helps 4-H'ers develop both oral and written communication skills while becoming knowledgeable in their topic of interest. The official objectives of project achievement are:  


1. To acquire an understanding of subject matter in a project area. 
2. To develop skills in researching, assembling and presenting information. 
3. To provide opportunities for 4-H members to develop integrity,
sportsmanship, cooperation, poise and self-confidence. 
4. To help 4-H members develop skills in leadership and communication. 
5. To stimulate interest in continuing involvement in 4-H.  

View our video on the benefits of
4-H Project Achievement:

How does Project Achievement work?

4-H'ers participating in Project Achievement investigate a topic and prepare demonstration or “illustrated talk” with posters and props. This also includes fine arts performances and step-by-step food product preparation. These demonstrations are given at a competitive event which includes 4-H'ers from surrounding counties.  

At the 4th and 6th grade level, Cloverleaf 4-H'ers prepare and deliver a 4-6 minute demonstration. Project Achievement for 6th through 12th grade 4-H'ers is a two part process involving an 8-10 minute demonstration and the preparation of a 4-H Portfolio. The 4-H Portfolio is a written record of involvement, leadership, and service in a selected project area. By preparing a portfolio, young people learn the skills needed to complete college applications, scholarship applications, professional resumes and proposals. 

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