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Requesting Payment of your Georgia 4-H Scholarship

4-H members awarded educational scholarships must meet the following requirements before requesting scholarship check: 

1. Winner must attend recognition ceremony at Georgia 4-H State Congress to meet the scholarship donor and accept the award.

2. Scholarship request must be made within one year following graduation from high school. Students awarded a scholarship while in college must request payment within one year of notification of award. In the event the scholarship is not used within the year of limitation, the winner should request a time extension. Extensions should be requested in a letter to: Ariel Waldeck; Georgia 4-H Foundation; 318 Hoke Smith Annex; University of Georgia; Athens, GA 30602. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of scholarship.

3. Winner must satisfactorily complete 12 credit hours of college credit (after graduating from high school) and maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or better before requesting scholarship payment. For restricted scholarships, recipient must fulfill those requirements; for example, attend a certain school as indicated in guidelines for scholarship.

4. Winner must attach a copy of the thank you letter written to scholarship donor. Please consider writing an additional thank you letter to the donor at the time scholarship payment is requested.


5. Winner must attach an official copy of the college transcript to the Request for Scholarship Payment, or arrange for an official college transcript to be sent directly to the Georgia 4-H Foundation at the address above. Website printouts of the grades are not acceptable, nor are copies of the transcripts. 

6. Request for payment of scholarship funds must be signed by the 4-H County Extension Staff. 

7. The 4-H County Extension Staff sends request for scholarship payment to the State 4-H Office as soon as recipient becomes eligible. (Use Request for Scholarship Payment form.)

8. Scholarship payment will be sent to the student after request form has been approved.